Truncated Pyramid miniMonitor

with Boston Acoustics 705 + ApexJr Ribbon

Photo 1: 1/2" medite boxes

Photo 2:
Boston Acoustic 705 and original tweeters

with Cherry "veneer" front

with Cherry "veneer" back


The boxes were cut out in 1982. I assembled them in late 1999 and installed a Boston Acoustics 705 5.25" plastic cone with paper whizzer FR.

The initial no-name tweeter was replaced with an ApexJr ribbon.

  • Whizzer cone treated with puzzle-coat
  • Marc Wauther's 98 cent Lowther trick
  • 3.3 uF cap on ApexJr ribbon
  • 0.34 mH choke on mid-woof

They sound pretty good so far.

Photo 3:
MiniMonitor with BA 705 and ApexJr Ribbon in developmental guise

Back from Chris's where they were given a cherry skin. VERY pretty. They don't sound quite as good -- suspect that the doubling of the wall size brought cabinet resonances down to where they are being excited. I have to go in an add some bracing... i may well do something a little more radicle as well -- stay tuned.

Photo 6:
MiniMonitor with BA 705 and ApexJr Ribbon in Cherry on stands

Unfiltered response of the Boston 705 (red) and the ApexJr Ribbon (measured with LMS -- thanx Aaron) in unfinished box

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