Triode Festival 2000 -- Århus, Denmark


Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am happy to announce the TRIODE AUDITION FESTIVAL 2000.

Århus (Odder) - DENMARK

Friday the 4'th to Sunday the 6' th of August year 2000. At "Eriksminde efterskole" in Odder, close to Århus.

You are most welcomed Thursday the 3'rd and you can stay to Monday the 7'th , if you wish.

More than 43 double rooms are available. A few of these are bigger than the rest, and will be reserved for Families.

  1. We will listen to amplifiers. Power SE & PP , Lines , RIAA.
  2. We will listen to some exciting speakers.....!
  3. We will look at the finish and assembly of some DIY products.
  4. We will discuss circuits.
  5. We will compare some PSU , reg. and passive. (Manfred Huber will lead this )
  6. We will trade , sell and buy our old junk parts. (Tubes, caps, transformers, vintage equipment , vinyl's & 78's etc. etc.
  7. We will arrange a few lectures. (Guido has offered an EMI seminar, for instance )
  8. We will listen to some digital equipment. (DACs, CDs, DVDs etc.)
  9. We will enjoy the sunshine ;-)
  10. Wife's and family related, not interested in our activities, will go sightseeing or visit the beach. (Or go shopping. - ;-)
  11. We will enjoy watching our kids playing at the greens.
  12. We will be happy and very satisfied to finally get faces on some of the names on the list. (This is the best part to me )
  13. We will eat good food , and dance around the midnight fire in the open.
  14. We will occasionally gather in small groups , in order to evaluate some improvised performances.
  15. We will just enjoy the music , the people , the summer and all the unusual equipment.
  16. We will compare a conventional and a parafeed Single Ended SV-572 triode amplifier.
  17. We will experience things none of us know of yet. And a surprise is certain to take place.........

This is the overall plan , without any details yet. A welcome meeting will be held at Thursday evening , and a Joe meet each day.

Niche companies , semi pro's and privates are welcome to exhibit their equipment. I might charge a modest fee for this. It all depends upon the economy of the festival. But none of the major big, well known commercial companies will be welcomed, as exhibitors. No matter how much money they may offer.

I will invite some people from the small niche company Ortofon, to come and demonstrate some of their top Pick Ups.

The purpose of this festival is first of all for us Joes to meet, celebrate and enjoy our common interest. And to show and se what other Joes build and do. This is NO contest. We simply do not believe such is possible, as it all depend upon to many variables. Secondly we will like to spread the word, of the wonders of good HiFi, especially tubes. - But ANY solid state device is very welcome to. - After all these are also triodes. Hence the festival is open at a certain time each day for visitors.

WHERE exactly is the festival supposed to take place ?

It will be at "Eriksminde Efterskole". (Eriksminde means "Erik's Memorial" and the other part means directly translated "after school") This is a school for youths in the age of 15-17. They live on the school. When we parents here in Denmark, experience all the problems that is related with teenagers, we kick them out of home, and into such school.

Here they have lots of other teenagers to share all the good and twisted thoughts of that age with. This is VERY healthy, and they usually loves it dearly. When the kids return, they are pleasant and kind, and possible to talk with again :-) And after a short while, they are ready to leave home and enter the big world, on their own feet's.

The school is just outside Odder. Odder is a small town close to Århus. Århus is the second biggest town in Denmark.

From the school, there is one main road. This leads in one direction to the beach, and in the other direction to Odder. I do not know much about the shopping facilities in Odder. Certainly there is many shops there, but Århus is a lot bigger and has more to offer here, in any contend.

It will take some 20 minutes to walk from the school to Odder, or by bus a few minutes. (But it is a nice walk during the summer.) Århus is about 25 minutes by train, bus or car from Odder.

I will give you all a precise description and a map, when the time is right :-)

Those of you that intend to rent a car for the holidays, I suggest you land in Germany or Sweden. Then rent the car here and drive to Denmark. Car rent is expensive in Denmark. I am sure some of the German Joes will offer you a helping hand here. Many companies can do it directly from your own country.

There are three airports in Denmark, that foreign air companies are using. (Maybe more , I don't know ) These are Århus , Ålborg and Copenhagen.

If you have no business to do in Copenhagen , I suggest you go for Århus airport. Copenhagen is some 3-4 hours away from Århus by train , and 3 hours by car. On the other hand I strongly recommend a visit in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a WONDER FULL old town. - I love being there, and it is most certainly worth a few days.

Ålborg is 2-3 hours from Århus by car or train. (Maybe less)

German/Danish border is also about two-three hours from Århus by car.

Sweden is 4-5 hours from Århus by car via Copenhagen. (You have to pass two big bridges, though, and these will charge you with no mercy ;-)

Norway, Sweden and England (Ireland and Scotland) is also well worth a couple of weeks. The landscape is absolutely fascinating up and over there.

Germany is also a genuine thrill to experience. I like the southern parts best , from a view point of nature and buildings.

And if you happen to be down there (one or two days drive from Århus), the rest of Europe is just within reach. Paris , Amsterdam , Rome etc.etc.

Those of you that comes from far away , will probably like to see a few of the castles and other historical places. There is lots of them in Europe.(Also in Denmark :-)

Weather : It is usually pleasant during August. Temperature may drop below 20 degrees, but it is never really cold. - It might rain , though , and it might also be very hot.. (You do not need to bring winter cloths, but a light sweater and/or coat will be fine - just in case : -)

Some has been worried about the safety of the equipment when we are running the festival. I do not think it will be a problem. One big vikings will take care of that , and we will all be able to keep an eye with one anothers gear. Just as in any other exhibition. Further we do have some places to lock the good stuff into , if it is needed.

We will work out a good plan to follow. We have the school from Thursday (to Monday ), and I expect many to arrive Thursday. (- this is old Scandinavian and means Thors day ;-) This evening we will have time enough for the last details.

Thank you very much for reading.


Kurt Steffensen

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