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  The Metronome -- Steve Creswell's elegant Fostex FE108eS ML-QQWT


  The Sublime -- Renato's classic TL with 6"


  Bob Brine's Designs -- ML-TLs for FE168S, Peerless and ML-TQWTs for FE164/167e & Radio Shack 40-1354


  A.O.S. Audiosysteme -- Studio 90 TL Kits (successor to TDL)  

  Audax TL -- KLS-5  HDA  Transmission  Line  Monitor Loudspeaker  

  Adire Audio's Kit 281 can be built into a TL


  Chris Brady's push-pull stereo TL woofers  

  Dave Brown's dB616TL -- 2 x Dayton 6 + Tweeter  

  Cheap Trick 142 -- Visaton TL

  Cornu TML -- A design built using plastic pipe  

  Daline at Orca Design

- and a

  Delta 1 -- Cabase, Raven TL -- an MTM Daline

  The Event -- a Scanspeak TL  

  IPL Acoustic M3TL -- built from a kit, A review on TNT which considers a number of IPL kits.  

  Andy G's site with three different Kappelmeisters

  Klang & Ton Hemholtz 2-way TL.  

  OA - Transient II -- TL with Scanspeak mid-woofer and Vifa tweeter  

  Rogers Monitor 7.0 -- a kit being sold by Remo in the Netherlands

  Three-way TL with 30 cm woofer. Some really nice illustrations (in Portugese -- babel does a interseting job of translating it)  

  Peter's Insane Dayton 15" TL  

  Seas/Vifa TL -- uses 4 mid-basses (1 as mid/3 as woofer

  Straight MTM TL with 2-100mm Monacors and Vifa tweeter (a couple RS 40-1022s or 40-1197s might just substitute fine)  

  Thor, an MTM TL, from Seas designed by Joseph D'Appolito        


  Perfectionist Audio Dual Kef B139 (Coffin) Subwoofer

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