Classic Transmission Line Rules of Thumb

Note: these rules are obselete and are here for historical purposes only
  • make the line length ~ 1/4 the wavelength of Fs (1/4 wavelength will be the F3 point)
  • taper the line from 1.25 - 2 Sd down to Sd at the port
  • after building it, stuff the line -- increasing or decreasing the stuffing till it sounds right. Add if the line is too "boomy", reduce if its too lean. The stuffing increases the length of the line (by slowing the speed of sound down to .7-.9*) and (hopefully) damps out higher frequencies.

These rules are hit & miss.

* it is actually a taper from wide to narrow (at the terminus) that means the line can be shorter than Fs/4

Jon Risch covers this in much more detail in the next section

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