T-Line Foldings

A sampling of TL foldings to spark your imagination. More to come (rear-terminus single fold tapered triangulated TL, the Cube, another Daline, variations...)

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Straight Lines


Single Fold

Side-by-Side Single Fold Stereo Pair

Triangulated single-Fold Line -- front-terminus
Single Fold Voigt Pipe (aka Tapered Quarter-Wave Tube [TQWT], Tapered Quarter-Wave Pipe [TQWP])


Classic 2-Fold Line -- front-terminus

This image is of the TDL and utilizes a terminated line for the mid as well as a classic line derived from the IMF next to it.
Triangulated 2-Fold Line -- front-terminus


Daline -- two-fold rear-terminus with pre-line chamber

Atkinson TL

Rogers Mk 7

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