Exolinear Design
by Rick Schultz
Rick published a design in Speaker Builder 5/1999 that he called "Rhinos". It is adapted here for the web. These use a quarter wave line and high Q drivers.

Using the simulation model software developed by George L Augspurger, which will model a TL with a reduced terminus, Rick extended his work with the Rhinos and came up with a cookbook design for a class of QuarterWave speakers -- he calls it Exolinear Design.
Note: Exolinear Design is undergoing revision and the old pages have been removed to avoid confusion.

Rick ignorned the common wisdom that the TL terminus has an area the same as the terminus end of the line. By allowing the terminus aperature to be smaller than this he has extended TL design into the fringes. It isn't strictly a TL and Rick doesn't like to call it a TL.
(Another quarter-wave design which uses a similar restricted terminus to improve performance.)

These designs tend to be large, and it works best with a small number of drivers that have highish Qt and suitable combinations of Vas and Fs.


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