Laying Pipe with Audio Lego

by Rob Sampson


Years and industrial deafness have conspired to change my taste in speaker tonal balance. The old JBL L40s now seem flabby and bass heavy. I noted various comments of the smooth and controlled bass characteristics of the transmission line enclosure. Studying the many resources on the web I became sure that, even with my limited manual skills, I could try building a better sounding speaker. To keep things simple I thought I would start with the single driver concept. Little did I know that I would have so much fun that one project would lead to another and another etc.

I've done a number of projects now and I feel duty bound to report to TL Central.

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  The "Babysnakes"

Transmission Line -- Apple 1710AV speakers


Transmission Line -- Fostex FE 107


Transmission Line -- Fostex FE 127


  "Drooping Didgeridoo"

Folded Quarter Wave Tube -- Fostex FE 127

Through all of my development one concept has become more apparent; the use of the ABS plumbing components enables quick assessment of configuration possibilities. The ABS components fit together with a taper connection for a secure temporary fit. Having a number of pre cut lengths of pipe, baffle heads, elbows and tees allows one to literally knock together a configuration for assessment of a new driver.

I have come to refer to this as playing with my Audio Lego.

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