Dave's (circa 2001) System

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Front End

  • Linn LP12 Valhalla with Ittok Arm /K9
  • NAIM NAIT II modified to be a PreAmp
  • Nakamichi 680 cassette deck
  • Onkyo T-9 Tuner (with an antenna*)

Those are sliced tennis balls between the electronics

* good reception of KPLU, Western Washington's best Jazz station


  • Marchand XM-9 Crossover (125 Hz)
  • Amber series 70 (2 x 70w into 8 ohms) driving stereo subwoofers
  • NAIM NAP 160 (2 x 50w into 8 ohms). One for each channel, one channel drives the bass, the other the treble circuit of a pair of Accoustat 2s

More sliced tennis balls


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