Amplifier Enclosure as Heatsink

This page shows the basic construction of my NAIM 160 enclosure. It illustrates the concept of letting the enclosure be the heatsinks.

The NAIM puts out a total of 160 VA into almost any load (a solid 50 w into 8 ohms) -- for example: one amp does a credible job of running a pair (in parallel) of Dayton Wright XG-10 ESLs!

The 17" x 12" x 3" enclosure never gets really hot.

As the false color illustrations show the front, sides, and back are pieces of a U shaped extrusion (1/8") with a top & bottom plate made of an aluminum sheet (1/16"). Screws (12 per) thru these plates thread into the sides of the U hold it together.


Cross Section

Assembled Enclosure with Top Removed

Exploded View of the Enclosure (w transparent top)

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